Happy 4th of July!!I have seen so many flags made from pallets this week that I just had to make one for myself.Doesn’t it look pretty leaning against my tree?

I live next door to a small shop that makes pallets as part of their business and I asked the owner if he would sell me a pallet and cut it down for me, which he did.This is the pallet that was waiting at my door when I got home from work Monday.At first we tried to spray paint the whole thing white…epic fail!The spray paint soaked right in, we would have needed ten cans lol.

So…back to the store for paint.I made sure to get oil based paint. That would be just like meto get water based paint and have it all wash away during the next rainstorm.

After it was painted white and that had dried, I measured and taped it off to paint the red.

We had a lot of rain this week so I had to move the project into the garageplus it was much easier to work on a table.After the red had dried I taped off the area for the blue and painted that.

I missed a couple spots in this picture but they were fixed after.inally, this morning I was able to paint the stars.I wasn’t sure how to lay the starts out so I could have all 50 on the flag.I tried to draw them out with a white crayon but that just made a messso I just tried it with the paint brush.

Some stars look really good and others not so good.I did manage to get all 50 even if they are not all the same size or in the correct place.Thanks so much for visiting Krafty Cards etc. Have a happy 4th of July!